Writing - Description Paragraph Guidelines

To write a Description Paragraph, please follow these Guidelines:

  1. Read notes thoroughly.
  2. Begin with title that is centered and underlined.
  3. Indent first paragraph five spaces.
  4. Start paragraph with definition from notes.
  5. Rewrite notes into complete sentences using correct grammar. Pay attention to the following grammatical points:
  • articles: a , an , the
  • verb tenses
  • "to be" and "to have"
  • correct punctuation
6. Do Not include outline headings .Use verb equivalents.
7. Use varying sentence length by joining short sentences.
8. Use some connectors. Here are some examples:

  • In addition (to add more information)
  • furthermore (to add important information)
  • Finally (to end or finish your paragraph).
  • Remember to add a comma (,) after a connector.
9. Do Not use the following connectors in your description paragraph:
  • first, second. third, etc.... / moreover, therefore , consequently
10. Include all the information in notes in order presented.
11. Proofread your paragraph, that is, check your answer.