Hi! My name is Buthaina Al-Othman, and I've been an EFL and EAP/ESP instructor at the Language Center of Kuwait University since 2001.
To know more about me, you are welcome to visit my bio-data page and my EFL Home in Kuwait website. I am also a Webhead in action since the community online, Webheads in Action , was founded by Vance Stevens in 2001-2002.

Webheads in Action was formed in 2001-2002 and is an ongoing and robust community of teachers of languages and other subjects interested in helping one another understand educational technology. WiA has served as a crucible for notions of learning languages and how to teach them through constructivist principles that work through communities of practice. The idea is for participants to use socially networked multimedia computer-mediated communications tools to help each other learn about blended and online environments so as to develop implementations applicable to participants' teaching situations and special projects.

To contact me, please send email to: buthaina.alothman (at)