Writing - Process Paragraph Guidelines

What grammar and rules to use for this type of writing?

  1. Passive is the grammar needs to be used with Process Writing Style http://www.slideshare.net/buthaina/passive-voice-1279712?from=ss_embed
  2. Change all imperative verbs to passive verbs.
  3. Indent the first sentence of the paragraph, leaving a space of about 3 cm from the left margin.
  4. Capitalize the first word in each sentence and end each sentence with a full stop. Use commas where necessary.
  5. Use correct spelling.
  6. Use correct grammatical structures, including correct verb forms and articles.
  7. Combine some steps into compound and complex sentences.
  8. Do not use personal pronouns in your writing, i.e. (I, you, we, he, etc.). Personal pronouns are not used in scientific or technical writing.
  9. Do not use contractions in your writing (isn’t, won’t, don’t, etc.). Instead use “is not”, “will not”, “do not”, etc. contractions are not used in technical writing.
  10. Do not begin a new line with a comma or a full stop. (Instead, place such a comma or full stop at the end of the line above.).

How to Write the topic sentence, which is a formal or simple definition sentence to introduce the process?

  • Examples:
    • The rock cycle is the process by which any type of rock can change into any other type.
    • The water cycle is the movement of water from Earth into the atmosphere and back to Earth again.

What to Do Next?

After the topic sentence, which is the formal definition sentence, introduce the steps of the process.
  • Examples: (You need to choose only one of the following three sentences)
    • The process of water cycle includes the following steps.
    • The process of water cycle involves a number of steps.
    • The process of water cycle is carried out in the following way.

What to Think of After That?

Use transition words (connectors) to indicate the chronological (time) order of the
steps (which step should be first and which steps should follow).
Here are examples of some connectors: First, … Next, … Then, ….. After this, ….. Finally, …..

What Are other Rules to Think of?

  1. Write your paragraph on every other line.
  2. dd a title to your process paragraph. Be sure to write the title, using passive form.
  3. When one-word adverbs modify passive verbs, the adverb is generally placed just before the past participle; for example, Small pieces of paper are carefully arranged on a table.

Model Question & Practice

Example 1:
To see a fun example of a process writing question on "How to play Marbles", follow these steps:
  1. Click on http://www.writingfun.com/writingfun2010.html
  2. Click on "Enter here".
  3. Click on "Procedures" under "Text Types".
  4. Click on "Example #5 at the bottom of the page.
  5. Now, you can write a process paragraph on "Hoe to Play Marbles". (This can be done in class or as homework; we will see).

Example 2:

Use the information below to write a process paragraph for the water cycle. Be sure to follow the guidelines (1 to 15) provided above.

Definition: The water cycle

Steps of the process:

1. The sun heats the water in an ocean.
2. Some of the water in the ocean becomes water vapor.
3. The water vapor moves up into the atmosphere.
4. The water vapor cools and changes into droplets of water.
5. A cloud forms.
6. The small water droplets inside the cloud combine into bigger water drops, which fall from the cloud as rain.
7. Some of the raindrops fall into lakes, rivers, and oceans.
8. The sun comes out and begins to warm the water in the oceaon again.