English Carnival Day- Spring 2010

The English Language Unit of Science is organizing a carnival for students and teachers to celebrate its English Day on Monday, May 3, 2010 at 9 am - 1 pm Kuwait local time (GMT +3).

Students participate with their hobbies or business ideas to share with everybody through power point presentations, videos, and booths to display their work. Some of my students and I will be participating in the event.

We hope to see as many of you on Monday to celebrate your success and share the joy.

The following are the students who participated in the English Carnival Day :

  • From English 161 Section 02, Askar and SayedFencing Hero: Askar Alazmi

    • Askar will talk about his favorite sport and hobby, Fencing. He has prepared power point slides and some photos that will be published HERE soon.
    The Photographer
    • Sayed will tell us about his photography hobby. He has prepared some beautiful shots to share with everybody HERE.
  • From English 161 Section 55 Zahra Knitting Products by Science Students

    • Zahra participated with some of her cotton knitted baby outfits and hair accessories. (see her knitting work through the photo above).

  • From English 161 Section 54 Abrar
    • Abrar participated with some of her knitted outfits for dolls and hair accessories. (see her knitting work through the photo above).
    • Other students are participating in the greeting or organizing committee.

I am going to share a collection of online projects done by my students from previous English for Science classes. To view the students online projects, click HERE. To see more photos from the event click HERE.